This is manyarms.
Shes a dragonslayer.
She has 4 different materials with a 2k texture each and 65k verts, probably could have been reduced to maby 50k.
I wanted to create a full character, no corners cut, so I ended up trying out apex cloth and building her a little environment, on top of all the usual modeling, texturing, skinning and posing.
Actually cuttin quite some corners... as you tend to do, the environment was cut since it didnt realy add to the character and i used zremehser as a base for my retopo.
thats also why i am not showing the topo, its not bad, just very uneven resolution.
She used to have more arms also ;)
There is a thread with some wip shots,

Tinko wiezorrek crop7 1
Tinko wiezorrek crop7 2
Tinko wiezorrek crop7 3
Tinko wiezorrek anothercomp
Tinko wiezorrek crop5
Tinko wiezorrek composit small
Tinko wiezorrek crop6
Tinko wiezorrek crop62
Tinko wiezorrek tinko wiezorrek wip34