The Stranger

My objective for this project was to create a full character that could be part of a AAA-Game, including setup in UE4 with a basic movement system, swappable equipment & armor customization like in For Honor or Warframe.

To achieve this I built a custom Layered Shader in UE4 that you can get here for free:

You can also buy this Character here:

The character creation process was quite complicated and involved planning the design of the character with the final technical execution in mind, a specialized edgeflow and 3 UV sets.
But as a result I have a new established character workflow that enables extremely versatile costumization with minimal performance impact.

Special thanks to Natashia Tjong who skinned this character:
And Denys Rutkovsky, I used his Medieval Environment for the background of this character.

Tinko wiezorrek hr99 tweaked
Tinko wiezorrek hr6small

A selection of the possible variations

Tinko wiezorrek ezgif 3 67148cfc72ba
Tinko wiezorrek hr97
Tinko wiezorrek custom2

showcasing the different equipment slots

Tinko wiezorrek hr95combined

The Stranger Customization & Animation Demonstration

Tinko wiezorrek hp1222 small
Tinko wiezorrek hp32 small
Tinko wiezorrek hr1
Tinko wiezorrek passes3
Tinko wiezorrek passes1
Tinko wiezorrek prime1

Regular and Prime Version

Tinko wiezorrek debug1

Trim UV Layout Debug Shader

Tinko wiezorrek wireframe3
Tinko wiezorrek hr994
Tinko wiezorrek hr2
Tinko wiezorrek hr992